PM Narendra Modi Addresses a Rally in Ghaziabad-UP Polls 2017

NEW DELHI: With just three days left for Uttar Pradesh Elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed a mega election rally in Ghaziabad district.

Here are the highlights of the rally:
1. “BJP will end its 14-year vanvas to make Uttar Pradesh the ‘Uttam Pradesh’ of India.”
2. “I was expecting Akhilesh Yadav to perform for the people as he is young and educated but he disappointed me.”
3. “In Uttar Pradesh, girls are scared of going to school. SP’s government is providing shelter to criminals.”
4. “Uttar Pradesh can become India’s Uttam Pradesh (best state) if and only if a good government is at the helm of affairs.”
5. “Why are traders and small business harassed in UP? We will protect the business community.”
6. “You can abuse me for 10 minutes but also take out five minutes to explain your work in UP.”
7. “We need to rid Uttar Pradesh of corruption, for this, we need to remove the corrupt government.”
8. “When Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh got a chance to serve UP, criminals did not get a free hand.”
9. “Uttar Pradesh’s government should answer it’s people about what all have they done for the state.”
10. “Congress sank the entire country, Akhilesh Yadav so scared that he’s ready to embrace anyone.”


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